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Third Party Software Applications
Compatible with the Signal Hound®

Kestrel TSCM

The Kestrel TSCM Signal Intelligence Support System was developed to better support the growing field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

The Kestrel TSCM Signal Intelligence Support System works with the Signal Hound to capture and analyze RF signals for the purpose of Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Building on the sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range of the Signal Hound, Kestrel TSCM is an off-the-shelf solution for the TSCM professional.

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Pro Audio: PAWS4400

The Pro Audio White Space Finder PAWS4400 software works with the Signal Hound, and may be used for automatic charting of open white space, frequency coordination, and channel assignment.
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Custom Application Development

For custom applications built on the Signal Hound API, we recommend Dr. Don Goodeve.

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