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It has arrived: The NEW VSG60A, A Vector Signal Generator to 6 GHz!

Also arrived: The NEW SM200B, Broadband Spectrum Analyzer 100 kHz - 20 GHz

Also available: PNCS-1 Low Phase Noise 1 GHz Clock Standard

Introducing the Signal Hound Family of Products
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NEW: VSG60A Vector Signal Generator

VSG60A:   50 MHz to 6 GHz      € 2.399 (ex.VAT)
The VSG60A is a 6 GHz vector signal generator with 40 MHz of real-time streaming bandwidth. It offers the performance and agility of a serious vector signal generator at a fraction of the cost.It is compact, simple to use, and can generate virtually any type of signal.

Preliminary Datasheet of the VSG60A →
View the demo on Youtube→

NEW: SM200B Broadband Spectrum Analyzer 100 kHz - 20 GHz

SM200B:   100 kHz to 20 GHz      € 12.799 (ex.VAT)
The SM200B is a high-performance 20 GHz spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver with 110 dB of dynamic range and 1THz/sec sweep speeds. The SM200B offers 160 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (IBW) calibrated I/Q capture, available through block transfer of a 2-second I/Q buffer over USB 3.0 to the PC.
  • Tunes from 100 kHz to 20 GHz
  • Sweeps at 1 THz/sec at 30 kHz RBW
  • 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • 110 dB of dynamic range
  • Ultra-low phase noise
  • GPIO port antenna switching

  • It is important to note that all required software is included for the SM200B to operate. As with other Signal Hound devices, our Spike software provides the device controls, signal visualization display, and data export tools. Spike offers a variety of analysis modes and provides specific tools for EMC precompliance testing, interference hunting, and digital demodulation, amongst others. For TSCM-specific applications, the SM200B is also compatible with the Kestrel software package for the ultimate in affordable and powerful countermeasure solutions.

    Download the SM200B brochure - 14 pages with full information! →
    Preliminary datasheet of the SM200B →
    Download the Product Manual here →
    Feature Overview: 160 MHz Segmented I/Q Capture with the SM200B →
    View the Youtube demo about the new SM200B →

    BB60C Broadband Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder

    BB60C:   9 kHz to 6 GHz      € 2.899 (ex.VAT)
    Streaming digitized RF to your PC at 140 MB/sec is finally easy and affordable! With a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed link to your PC or laptop, our BB60A is optimized for broadband, high-speed, time-sensitive RF spectrum capture and analysis.

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    VSG25A Vector Signal Generator

    VSG25A:   100 MHz to 2.5 GHz      € 549 (ex.VAT)
    The VSG25A is a 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz vector signal generator, featuring a 12-bit I/Q baseband arbitrary waveform generator which can be clocked at virtually any frequency from 54 kHz to 180 MHz, and includes a 4096◊16 bit pattern buffer for built-in or custom modulation.

    Short product description of the VSG25A →
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    More Spectrum Analyzers and Measurement Receivers

    USB-SA44B:   1 Hz to 4.4 GHz    € 999 (ex.VAT)
    USB-SA124B: 100 kHz to 12.4 GHz    € 2.099 (ex.VAT)
    The Signal Hound spectrum analyzers and measurement receivers are compact and simple to use. They have become popular tools for general lab use, electronic repair technicians, engineering students, ham radio enthusiasts, and electronics hobbyists alike. Although they are small and affordable, they have the sensitivity, accuracy and dynamic range youíd expect from expensive and bulky test equipment.

    With the built-in RF preamplifier, RF attenuator, and temperature compensation, you can now make quick, accurate RF measurements in the lab or in the field.

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    Upgrade your USB-SA44B / SA124B to a Scalar Network Analyzer with our
    USB-TG44A 10 Hz to 4.4 GHz Tracking Generator   € 639 (ex.VAT)
    USB-TG124A: 100 kHz to 12.4 GHz Tracking Generator    € 1.299 (ex.VAT)

    The Signal Hound USB-TG44A and USB-TG124A are tracking generators for the USB-SA44B and USB-SA124A spectrum analyzers, respectively. These tracking generators are perfect tools for tuning filters, measuring insertion loss, amplifier gain and more! The USB-TG44A and USB-TG124A ship with all of the hardware and software required to add |S21| / insertion loss scalar network analysis capabilities to your Signal Hound spectrum Analyzer. You can even add a directional coupler to measure |S11| / return loss.

    Learn More about the TG44A →
    Learn More about the TG124A →

    SNA combinations: choose your own Scalar Network Analyzer combo
    USB-SA44B and USB-TG44A 10 Hz to 4.4 GHz   Not € 1.638 but € 1.556 (ex.VAT)
    USB-SA124B and USB-TG124A 100 kHz to 12.4 GHz    Not € 3.398 but € 3.228 (ex.VAT)
    BB60C and USB-TG124A 100 kHz to 6 GHz   Not € 4.198 but € 3.988 (ex.VAT)
    You can add a 6 GHz directional coupler   for only € 299 (ex.VAT)

    Analyze insertion loss up to 4.4, 6 or 12.4 GHz measure f.e.|S21| / insertion loss. Or add a directional coupler to measure |S11| / return loss.We stock couplers to 2 GHz and 6 GHz. See our Buy Now page for all combo prices.

    We offer a TWO year manufacturer's warranty and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Signal Hound product, return it within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping cost.

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