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Signal Hound Download Page

The latest software, manuals and drivers for the Signal Hound are available here.

    SignalHound Instrument Drivers for Labview
  • SignalHound Instrument drivers for Labview V 1.2.0
  • Tested with Labview 2016. For Windows 7,8,10 and Linux
  • The Signal Hound instrument drivers for LabVIEW® enable Signal Hound spectrum analyzers, Tracking Generators and VSG25A to interface with LabVIEW, National Instruments’ industry-standard software for data acquisition and instrument control. The drivers provide virtual instruments (VIs) which expose the functionality of the Signal Hound APIs within LabVIEW’s graphical programming environment. All Signal Hound devices are supported: BB60C/A, SA44B, SA44, SA124B/A, TG44A, TG124A and VSG25A.
  • Needs preinstalled Spike and Labview
  • Firmware 1.31 with upgrade utility.
    • For USB-SA44 only. NOT FOR USB-SA44B.
    • Adds support for the USB-TG44A tracking generator
    • Fixes external timebase and some glitches
  • Firmware 2.03 with upgrade utility.
    • For USB-SA44B serial numbers 0300xxxx only! NOT FOR USB-SA44.
    • Adds support for the USB-TG44A tracking generator
    • USB-SA44B with serial numbers higher than 0300 do not need this upgrade.
  • Firmware 3.03 with upgrade utility.
    • For USB-SA124A only. NOT FOR USB-SA44 or USB-SA44B.
    • Requires firmware version 3.02.
    • Fixes external triggering, some API functions.

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